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Symbiosis University Hospital by IMK Architects named Supreme Winner at Surface Design Awards 2021
February, 2021
Livingetc | Maria Louis
Design Profile: Ar. Rahul Kadri
February, 2021
Archdaily | IMK Architects
Auric Hall, IMK Architects
February, 2021
The Economic Times - Wealth | Narendra Nathan
Building a house? Here are 6 ways to reduce construction costs
January, 2021
Architecture + Design |
A timeless modern landmark inspired by the city’s heritage: Auric Hall
January, 2021
MGS Architecture |
Expressing Grandeur & Solidarity: Symbiosis Hospital & Research Center
January, 2021
Past and future come together at the sustainable Auric Hall
January, 2021
IFJ | IMK Architects
Auric Hall, Aurangabad
December, 2020
IFJ | Aadrita Chatterji
A Change for the Better
December, 2020
Realty+ | Sapna Srivastava
Mumbai Megacity Urban Growth
December, 2020
Financial Express | Rahul Kadri
What is Maharashtra’s self-redevelopment scheme for housing societies and why it needs a financial lifeline
December, 2020
Citizen Matters | Rahul Kadri
Possible Alternatives for Mumbai Slums in a Post-COVID-19 World
December, 2020
Biltrax Media | Twinkle Tolani
IMK Architects: Hospitals Then and Now
December, 2020
The Wire | Rahul Kadri
Coastal Road Projects Don't Just Damage the Environment – They Are Also Outdated
December, 2020
ET Hospitality World | Sakshi Singh
The Future of Hotel Buildings
December, 2020
Windows & Facade Magazine |
Facade Fire Mitigation: The need for a Comprehensive Approach
December, 2020
ACE Update |
Glass provides a transparency without creating a sense of enclosure
December, 2020
Architecture + Design | Rahul Kadri
A Sustainable Future for Healthcare Design
December, 2020
Architect & Interiors India | Rahul Kadri
The pandemic demands critical changes in how we plan and design cities, writes Rahul Kadri
November, 2020
Construction Week Online |
Auric Hall: The new face of Aurangabad
November, 2020
Mumbai Mirror | Suktara Ghosh
Building for the Future
November, 2020
The New Indian Express |
Learning at new normal: Revamping schools for a post-COVID world
November, 2020
The Morning Standard |
Schools in the Post COVID World
November, 2020
Realty+ |
Urban Planning and Changing Design Sensibilities
october, 2020
Houzz | Meghna Mehta
Retrospective: The Unprecedented Architectural Contribution of IM Kadri
November, 2020
Stir World | Ankitha Gattupalli
Civic building Auric Hall stands as the face of an upcoming city in India
october, 2020
IA&B | IMK Architects
Holistic Healing Spaces
Symbiosis Hospital and Research Center (SUHRC)
August, 2020
Realty+ | Priya Saini
Architecture Going Local From Global
september, 2020
Midday | Anju Maskeri
To Beat Coronavirus That's Weaker Outdoors, Mumbai Must Go Al Fresco: Experts
october, 2020
Times of India – Entertainment Times
Traditional Indian Craft Inspires Modern Interiors Designers For Sustainable Architecture
october, 2020
Sroll | Rahul Kadri
The vision of slum-free Indian cities needs to be viewed through the lens of inclusive development
september, 2020
India’s Top Architects and India’s Top Builders
september, 2020
The Free Press Journal | S. Adimulam
Mumbai Rains: Residents link waterlogging to land reclamation for Coastal Road project
August, 2020
IFJ | Aadrita Chatterji
The Road to Wellville
september, 2020
Inscape | Ar. Jayakrishnan Ranjit
A Place to Heal – “The overall design of the hospital is both welcoming and peaceful.”
August, 2020
Window & Façade Magazine |
Post Pandemic Façade & Fenestration Designs
August, 2020
Architects and Interiors India |
IMK Architects Auric Hall is a landmark in India
August, 2020
Elle Decor | Sakshi Rai
Auric Hall by IMK Architects gives a modern spin to Mughal Architecture
July, 2020
Healthcare Radius | Rahul Kadri
Designs for tackling Pandemics ways to optimise building energy consumption
July, 2020 | Sakshi Rai
The Indian Healthcare System needs an Overhaul
July, 2020
Commercial Design |
When modernity takes cues from its traditional roots - AURIC Hall by IMK Architects
July, 2020
The Indian Express | Viveka Roychowdhury
How biophilic and interactive design interventions could help make hospitals pandemic-proof
June, 2020
India Today | Ridhi Kale
A post-pandemic design revolution
April, 2020
Commercial Design
Symbiosis Hospital And Research Center, Pune by IMK Architects
Jan 2020
The New Indian Express | Rahul Kadri
COVID-19: Cross-infection Can Be Tackled Through Hospital Design Changes
July, 2020
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